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Digital Signature Services in Chandigarh/ Mohali

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are digital conversions of paper certificates such as proof of identity, proof of address and other contact details of a certificate holder. Before the digital age, there was a requirement that many physical certificates on paper show a person’s identity. Many departments such as e-tendering, EPF, income tax and DGFT have made the digital signature certificate a mandatory requirement for filling out online forms. The minimum validity of the digital signature (DSC) is 1 year and the maximum 2 years.

The application process of applying for a DSC (Digital signature certificate) is Paperless or Online. It usually takes 10-20 Minutes.DSC certificates are digitally identical to documents that are printed in electronic form. These certificates serve as proof of identity for accessing messages or services on the Internet. We, Bahikhata Master, offers digital signature services in Chandigarh at a great price.

We are an authorized distributor of Digital signatures in Chandigarh and Mohali. Our prices of Digital Signature are

Class2 Digital Signature:

A class 2 digital signature certificate is a mandatory requirement to become a director of a company. When completing a corporate user declaration, you must use a digital signature certificate for online authentication on the ROC website. The Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate is also used for high taxpayers on the EPF India website and EPF India employer website

Class 2 for 2 Years Rs 600/-

The class 3 digital signature certificate is used for extension purposes. This signature is more secure than a class 2 digital signature certificate. There are two types of class 3 digital signatures.

  • Singing digital signature
  • Encrypted digital signature.

Both signatures together are known as combined digital signatures. This is Also used in electronic procurement by government agencies and businesses.

Class 3 for 2 Years Rs 3500/-